What is Drama on One?

Drama on One is a weekly radio show on RTÉ Radio 1 and a podcast bringing the best dramatic writing, direction and performances to audiences.

Project Goals

  • To help the Drama on One team highlight and showcase their audio drama content to an Irish and international audience.
  • To give Drama on One output a consistent visual style.
  • To stimulate interest in and awareness of Drama on One as a destination for quality audio drama.
  • To attract and build a younger audience by increasing the presence of Drama on One on social media and podcasting platforms.


I developed a concept that draws parallels between stage drama and audio drama. An abstract frame based on a simplified stage and curtains acts as a framing device for all Drama on One promotional artwork.  A stacked logotype joins the frame and the promotional imagery, visually hinting at how the audio drama medium brings the stage and the actors to the listener.  Clear typefaces were chosen for bold titling and supporting copy.  The colour palette is divided into four seasons, to match the four 13-week seasons Drama on One broadcasts each year.  Due to variable quality of promotional photography, imagery is tinted with the current season palette, which helps to equalise the imagery.

I delivered a lookbook with a variety of sample applications for print, online and social platforms.  Style options were provided for both content-led and personality focused dramas, which helps the Drama on One team make the most of plays with famous creators or cast members.